Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)’s

What is the idea behind your platform?

Our diverse team believes in the inspiration we took from change we saw in the technological world. The idea behind 6th Planeta is to provide a platform to people who are looking to show off their talent to the world, and also cater people who need the best person to take care of their tasks for them.
The 6th Planeta is an easy-to-use and fast platform, which lets you find the people you need, according to your requirements and needs. We make sure that you get the most engaging content on our website and the best service you have ever experienced. Apart from different projects, we also update our platform with the latest blogs, tips and DIY’s.
Our recent project that we have been working on for a long time now is a mobile app called the CanDo app. This app can help people in getting in touch with other people around the globe, who belong to the same niche and can provide the services needed.
The CanDo app is a mobile app and rather a platform, which is based on the idea of connecting the people who need help, and the people who need a platform to show the talent they have. This app serves as a platform for those, who do not get a chance to practically apply their skills in today’s competitive market.
Regardless that it is the 6th Planeta, or our latest project the CanDo app, we make sure to deal with every niche we can find in the market. From a plumber, a gardener or a person who can walk your dog to an IT nerd who can hack into the servers of your countries secret service, we provide a platform to everyone.
Through the platform, you can get in touch with people who belong to the same niche as yours or through the CanDo app, you can get in contact with anyone from all over the world, who fits your needs and requirements.
Yes, our platform is not only based on a single nation or state. We deal with clients all around the globe and make sure that no matter which corner of the world you are sitting in, you get the person you need to get the job done.
In order to get in contact with our customer service team, or to join the 6th Planeta family, we have three different options, lined up for you. You can either e-mail us at [email protected], call us at (370 5 2140548), or visit us at this address - 11K-109 Švitrigailos gatvė, Vilnius, Lithuania.
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